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Samsung Odyssey G9 49" - Firmware Upgrade and Other Notes

I picked up the Samsung Odyssey G9 49" some months ago during the (nearly too good to be true) GameStop PowerUp promo. With a curvature of 1000R it matches the human eye's FOV at 1 meter and provides a great experience for games which support the 32:9 aspect ratio. Although Samsung primarily targets gamers for the marketing of the display, productivity apps are excellent as well; 49" + Windows 11's enhanced support for window docking has allowed me to do away with a dual-display setup.

There are a few oddities which may help others:

Adaptive-Sync cannot be "On" with Screen Size "Auto" #

If your game does not support an ultra wide 32:9 aspect ratio, you cannot use AMD's FreeSync or NVIDIA's G-SYNC. The "Auto" setting for Screen Size provides vertical black bars on the left/right to provide proper display of non-ultra wide content; when this setting is disabled due to Adaptive-Sync your game will become horribly stretched across 49" of display 🤮.

Even games which do technically support 32:9 may actually reduce FOV to that of 16:9 to eliminate an FOV advantage in multiplayer - you end up with a scenario where content looks proper at first glance but is completely disorienting (PUBG!). In this case changing to a 16:9 resolution is your only recourse and thus Screen Size "Auto" and Adaptive-Sync "Off".

Firmware upgrades can only load from USB drives which have an MBR partition table with a FAT32 volume #

This limitation took me a bit figure out, but it's well-known that MBR+FAT32 is the lowest common denominator for embedded USB storage support.